4th Annual Historic Berwyn’s Bungalow Tour Invitation

Design Kristine Dillon/Illustration Fran Gregory (www.frangregoryart.com)

The Berwyn Historical Society invites you to participate in “Historic Berwyn’s Bungalow Tour” to be held on
Sunday September 26, 2010 — from noon to 5 pm.

Celebrate a housing style that defined an era and join us for this leisurely walking tour featuring a variety of the community’s finest homes open to the public on Sunday, for a one day showing.

Learn the history of each home while being treated to a variety of interior spaces. You’ll gain valuable ideas and insight for your own vintage home.

All ticket sale proceeds will benefit the Berwyn Historical Society. We look forward to seeing you!
View key locations of the Berwyn’s Bungalow Tour 2010 in a map

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