Past Times — Spring 2004, Vol. 25, No. 1

The Paper Route … A Boyhood Memory by Don Dickney — Excerpt: It was the fall of 1946. I was 13 years old attending the eighth grade at St. Leonard’s School in Berwyn, Illinois. More than anything, I wanted a motorbike: cost – $200. To earn the money, I delivered the Chicago Tribune. I was paid $12 a month plus a $35 bonus for keeping the route over that typically cold, snowy, blustery Chicago winter. Chicago had several newspapers including Hearst’s …

Don Dickey on his Marman Twin motorbike in 1947

This newsletter also includes: Berwyn Historical Society’s 14th Annual Antique Sale, F. Pancner, Chicago/Berwyn Czech Store Owner by Paul Nemecek, President’s Letter

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