Join us! Seeking potential Board Members.

The BHS would like to build a list of potential future board members.

If you are interested please email us (at a short biography along with a brief letter why you would be interest in serving on the board. Below are a few items we feel are important for a new board member.

To serve as a board member of the BHS, you must be:
• Willing to become member of the Berwyn Historical Society
• Have a passion for discovering, preserving, and sharing the history of Berwyn.
• Prepared to attend monthly board meetings
• Willing to work hard to promote our projects
• Willing to volunteer your time for BHS events. This means some weekends and evenings.
• A “team person,” able to work well with others
• Willing to help promote the organization

Skills that may be useful (but not required):
• Marketing
• Publicity and public relations
• Ability to do research and write articles
• Experience on other boards
• Grant-writing experience
• Museum and archival experience
• Graduate Student in a related field to history, architecture, art, etc.
• Second-language fluency, with ability to speak/translate materials into Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, etc.)

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