Berwyn Post Office Mural by Richard Haines

The muralist Richard Haines was commissioned to paint the mural which hangs in the Berwyn Post Office, located at 6625 Cermak Road. Haines was a WPA muralist. WPA as you may know, stands for “Works Progress Administration.” In 1939, WPA was changed to “Works Projects Administration.” Most of the work performed by the WPA was of construction nature, such as building new bridges or buildings. The Hoover Damn is a famous public works project from the WPA. These projects gave men who were unemployed a chance to work. At the same time, the WPA also employed artists to create work, of which Richard Haines was one.

Berwyn’s was one of nine WPA murals he painted between 1935 and 1941.

This mural depicts an ethnic picnic with a small gathering of people listening to a man play the accordion. The mural is titled, “In the cool of the evening.” Berwyn saw its greatest growth in terms of building and inhabitants between 1920 and 1930. Many of the people who came to live in Berwyn during that period where of Czech and Bohemian decent. The subject matter of the mural seems well suited for its local Berwyn audience of the time.

I have attached a copy of a photo of the mural. You may is it but you must give credit to the Berwyn Historical Society. All you need to do is include this line under the photo…Photo courtesy of the Berwyn Historical Society

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