In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friend Gail Lofgren

Our dear friend and former BHS board member died Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Gail was battling cancer.

To say it is a loss seems almost an understatement. For anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Gail, they would tell you she was a delightful woman, an especially sweet person, a real gem. I met Gail when I became a board member in 2006, she was serving as our treasurer.

I want to share the things I remember fondly about Gail, no doubt each of her friends and family members will have different memories, but these are mine. Gail loved life and she had so many interests. She loved the American Arts and Crafts movement and the mission style furniture that it produced. She loved vintage and antique objects, she loved bakelite jewelry, and vintage lucite handbags. She enjoyed her Berwyn bungalow and did great job of furnishing it, including the best basement remodel you’ve ever seen. In fact she opened her home up for one of the bungalow tours.

Gail was of Czech/Bohemian decent and she loved the food and culture. She could rattle of those crazy, hard to pronounce Czech last names like nobodies business. She loved to travel and had the pleasure of taking trips to Europe and the Czech Republic.

I know what most stands out for me about Gail was just how much she loved her family. HUGE would best state it. She loved her husband Tom, her Aunt Millie, and all the members of her extended family. The apple of Gail’s eye was her lovely and beautiful daughter Sarah. Gail was so proud of her. Sarah, Gail, and Tom were lucky to have a relationship that every parent/child hopes to have, one of respect, great love, and one where they all liked one another, a lot!

Both our current BHS president, David Olson, and our former president, Lori Thielen, knew Gail, and like me, their hearts are very heavy, knowing that they are parting with a dear friend.

Lastly, in my minds eye, I can still see Gail walking towards me, sporting her fun spiky short hairstyle, a few vintage bakelite bracelets around her wrist, a knit shirt and a skirt, tan legs and Birkenstock sandals. She’s greeting me with a big smile. Gail loved life and we loved our friend Gail!

Rest in peace my friend.

Kristine Dillon
BHS Vice President

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