In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friend Doris Remp

I am sad to share this news with our membership but the BHS has had to part with yet another dear friend. Doris Remp was a long time board member of the Berwyn Historical Society. She died Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

For those of you who never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Doris, she was a wealth of knowledge about Berwyn’s history and it was her joy to share it with anyone who expressed an interest in wanting to know about it. You can imagine what a treat it was to listen to Doris recall memories about an earlier Berwyn. A Bohemian gal, Doris Peca Remp was born and raised in the Chicago neighborhood of Lawndale-Crawford, now known as Little Village. Like many of the Bohemian families residing there at the time, her family made the move to Berwyn. Doris’s story was featured in an Images of America Book Chicago’s Little Village Lawndale-Crawford by Frank S. Magallon. Even as health issues began to plague her, if she could muster up the strength to attend a board meeting or a BHS sponsored event, she would be there.

My dear friend and former president of the BHS, Lori Thielen, commented to me that with Doris’s passing, it is an end of an era. I would have to agree.

We will miss you Doris. Our prayers go out to Gayle, her daughter.

My you rest in peace dear friend.

Kristine Dillon
BHS Vice President

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