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  • Discover some of Berwyn’s artifacts and images in context

    Discover some of Berwyn’s artifacts and images in context

    If you’d like to see some artifacts you should visit City Hall and check out the display cases upstairs in front of the City Council chambers. Or if you’d like to see some great images in context you can stop by the new Walgreens in Cermak Plaza (At the Cermak/Harlem intersection). The New McDonalds on […]

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  • Masonry Restoration

    Masonry Restoration

    Here are some local company’s that are specialized in masonry. If you have any other resources please post a comment or send us an email so we can update this resource list. Very professional and preservation minded

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  • Berwyn Bungalow’s today

    Berwyn Bungalow’s today

    Berwyn has the most significant collection of Chicago-style bungalows in the nation. Traditionally, Berwyn Bungalows are one-story buildings with basement and attic, two to three bedrooms, and a living and dining room. Decorative details included oak woodwork and stained glass windows. The finances of the owner at the time they were built determined the specific […]

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